Museum of Fine Arts

Enclos Saint-Martin
7500 Tournai
tel. : + 32 69 22 20 43
Inaugurated on Sunday 17th June 1928, the Museum of Fine Arts is a building created by the genius for spatial conception, Belgian great Art Nouveau architect Victor HORTA. He conceived it especially for presenting the very rich collections bequenthed to the city by the Brussels mecenas Henri VAN CUTSEM, deceased in 1904.

The combinaition of the rooms that radiate from the central polygonal entrance hall is so original that the building itself deserves a visit. The collections shown include many ancient paintings, which added to the works bequeathed by Henri VAN CUTSEM, together with purchases, deposits, gifts and legacies, permit to offer the visitors an interesting overvieuw of the pictorial production history from the 15th century up to now.
Among the major pictures, besides Primitives (R. CAMPIN, R. de le PASTURE, J. GOSSART, BRUEGEL,...) masters of the XVIIth and XVIIIth centuries such as SNYDERS, RUBENS, JORDAENS, WATTEAU and PIAT-SAUVAGE are to be found. The Impressionists (MANET, MONET, SEURAT, VAN GOGH, ENSOR, ...) ensure the international character of the museum. A select place is reserved for GALLAIT, PION, DUMOULIN, LEROY, GRARD, all of them being natives of Tournai. A didactic section presents photographic reproductions of all Roger de le PASTURE's paintings at original size.