The Folklore Museum

Réduit des Sions
7500 Tournai
tel.: +32 69 22 40 69
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Two picturesque buildings from the end of the XVIIth century and located fifty metres away from the Market Square house the collections of the museum of Folklore, a real repository of life in town. Therefore, the Tournai people call it 'Maison Tournaisienne'.

This museum, opened in 1932, was created by Walter RAVEZ who became its first curator. It wants to recreate the old-time life of Tournai and surrounding area. Destroyed by German bombings in 1940, the museum was reopened in 1950.
musée de folklore
The visitor wanders through the rooms evoking former crafts and trades : workshop of the 'Balotil' (craftsman who used to work at home and make knitted goods), cobbler's kitchen, small pub with games -namely the famous 'Jeu de fer' still played today-, a farm interior, workshop of the wet cooper, of the weaver, of the farrier. Displays are devoted to porcelain, tin, printing, medecine, traditions and calendar customs, man and woman's civilian and military clothing evolution.

Among the numerous rooms and their many treasures, the visitor will also discover fancy dresses for carnival, a chapel choir -or also works by local artits. Important historical documents for a good knowledge of the town past are also displayed : accurate reconstitution of no longer existing monuments and sites, and most of all, the reproduction of a relief ground plan of Tournai in the XVIIth century made out for King Louis XIV.